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Running tasks

Austin Best 5 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 3

Why does opening river spin off 4 individual tasks? Seems quite odd it is using 180,000 k of memory

That is more than dreamweaver which is a known memory hog.. also more than explorer is using.. 

Under review

There should be 2 main processes for the desktop shell itself, and then one process per Ryver organization. Each of which is its own web view.

A lot of the memory usage is related to our keeping DOM elements in memory even after it has scrolled out of view. Once we finish converting everything to Typescript/React, we will be releasing content from memory when it is no longer being viewed, and you should see the memory usage go down quite a bit.

When we get our new Task Management functionality rolled out (July), which is all written in Typescript/React, we'll be able to finish up this UI transition for Chat and Posts, and improve the memory usage.

TY for the explanation. Guess i just have one extra task for some reason.

Hmm, ok. We'll investigate to see if we can find a cause for an extra one. We also are testing out a new desktop build...will see if anything is different with that.