"Remind Me" Option for Chats

Isaac de la Fuente 6 years ago updated by Pablo Bisente 4 years ago 17

We LOVE the "Remind Me" button for Posts and would like to see it available for chats as well. Quite often we'll see a chat that requires action but we can't take action at the very moment (whether on our mobile or desktop). Currently the only way to remind ourselves about that chat is to promote it to a post and then set a reminder.

Currently it's still much better for us to email co-workers something that is actionable because it will remain in their inbox until they actively delete archive it. If we could set a reminder from a chat it would solve that problem (of course we'd like to be able to decide when to remind us on a chat per chat basis and I see this as another topic in these forums).


I created my own version of this request before finding yours so I will just add my version of it here instead as additional insperation:

Ability to pin/star a message

I think it would be useful to be able to pin or star a chat message. For example if you are discussing a lot of things and you decide that on message in particular is important and must be dealt with. Then you could star/pin it so that you do not forget it or so that your chat partner does not miss this particuarly important message. In essence this is a lesser version of post for the case where you do not need to further discuss it but you either need to just remember it or you need to have the question answered. This could also be used as a way of setting a chats current topic.

The way I though about this is that this would be visible to all members of the chat but in addition to this a feature could also be added where you do the same thing but it is only visible to the person pinning/staring.


Definitely like the "Remind Me" request. However would like to suggest, perhaps similar to Slack, to make this a global command.

/remind [someone or #forum or #team] [text] [some description of time]

I agree. There were times when it was handy to set a reminder for some of my staff. I also would prefer a setting where the reminder could be set for a specific time on a specific day.

It's great to have the flexibility of setting a custom amount of minutes, hours, or days, but what if the reminder would be best on a certain day early in the afternoon more than a week from now. Are you going to stop and calculate how many hours away that is?

I wonder how much of this request is Task Management that would come with the to-be-released Ryver Task.


I would like to see the Remind function work similarly to the way it works in Slack.


We do indeed like the Slack /remind command. We will look into providing something similar. Basically, it would allow you to raise a custom NOTIFICATION for yourself or others at a specified time. We need to do a little investigation into a good parser to handle the various time formats that could be provided.

This would probably be in addition to having a Reminder button for a particular chat message.


Yes we heavily used this option.

How about having something like " Mark as unread" so we keep that chat notified as unread and go back to it once we can take the action?

This will be in the next update then?  Thanks for working on this :)

The "Set Reminder" option is currently available on chat messages by clicking the vertical 3 dot icon to the right of the chat message:

Oh.  Strange.  I feel that option has been available since before this thread was created?  Maybe not, but certainly when I had commented on this 8 months ago.

Reminders were available on Posts/Comments - but added later on Chat messages.

Cool, thanks.  So many good ideas brought up in this thread, it's hard to nail down what the ultimate project was. 

Thanks :)