Permissions for deleting/editing messages!!!!

Austin Best 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 12

I have not found this option if it exists, but if it doesn't this is a MUST. In the last week we had an issue with an employee who threatened another employee, luckily the "victim" took a screenshot of the interaction because the "bully" decided to delete all the messages. THERE NEEDS TO BE A WAY TO CONTROL WHO CAN DELETE MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either on a user by user (preferred) or user level (Guest/Member/Admin) basis

This is such an easy feature, please dont make this take a year to implement. PLEASE.

For editing, this can also be permissions based or show a "changed" log for what was changed in the post.

I am all for other ideas on this as well, or someone to educate me how to do it if it can be done.

Under review

We do expect to put some dedicated development time into Administrative options like this as we dig into the "business class" or "enterprise" features that we want to add onto Ryver. Though, for this one, I would also expect some level of control to be included in the free service.

One option we are looking at that doesn't require any real admin UI (shorter implementation time) is to allow people to delete their own messages within a certain amount of time after posting a message...say somewhere in the 10 to 30 minute neighborhood, but after that period expires, the message is part of the permanent record and only the Admin can delete it. For this, the only interface we would need is to make that period of time an organization-level preference for the admin.

It is an idea, but for the example i gave above it would be useless to fix the problem as they can still delete their messages.

ability to restrict message/file editing and deleting is a MUST for any admin. This is needed for accountability for each team member as well as must needed if someone decides to ruin the critical project. Currently anyone can edit or delete their entries at any time. It needs to GO!! Skype or slack like treatment or admin control is needed. For a team collaboration tool this is a very important feature. PLEASE push this through the development pipeline and push it out soon. Many thanks!! 

In my opinion admin control on blocking editing or deleting messages is must be.

When you plan to put it into the program ?

I am going to bring this up AGAIN because i watched another employee delete a message & there was nothing that could be done.

you saw that? I thought it could have been mis understood. lol thought if i took it out you didnt see it.

and of course now there is zero record of it ever existing except the face i happened to see it. This is such a broken and ridiculous thing to leave in and not take very little time to address over the course of A YEAR!!!!!!!!

We have finally put these permissions options into our Admin Settings. We're testing the chat message setting now, and are about to add one for topic replies.

Hi Jeff,

 I can delete my messages as well as others' messages. Is this not implemented yet? Again, we need these message deleting restriction in order to confidently move from Slack to Ryver. Please let me know if this is going to be implemented soon. Thanks!

I still see that I can delete my messages as well as others' messages. Is this not implemented yet? Again, we need these message deleting restriction in order to confidently move from Slack to Ryver 

If you move to the "Admin Settings" > "Permissions" tab - you should be able to control who can remove Chats/Topics as well as how long users have to edit their messages.

Yea, except it is absolutely broken. I just watched a user delete messages when the permission is set to admin. So i guess thanks for putting the UI in but not actually enforcing it (makes total sense... i guess to someone...)