Ability to preview giphy before posting

Luis Doubrava 5 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 5

As giphy doesn't always find the right gif it would be nice to be able to preview / shuffle / cancel the gif before posting.

Would love the ability to post gifs!

Slack has that features (Preview/Shuffle/Cancel) before posting and it's GREAT!  It's annoying to post a Giphy and then see that the picture chosen by the system is not nice or funny or whatever you were expecting.


We do now have a GIF tab in the Emoji popup dialog. You can type your search text and pick from 25 different giphy options.

Question to Jeff:  Do you have an article in the Ryver Support/Knowledgebase about this GIF/giphy features?  I would like to show the link to our employees.

Hmm, I guess we had only mentioned it in a single bullet point line in one of our release notes. I just added this article that you can point them to: https://support.ryver.com/reactions-emoji-animated-gifs/