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Stephanie Henyard 6 years ago updated by hownard 1 year ago 19

Currently users can only be Deactivated, but not removed. Please enable account deletion/removal.


I would love this, too. It seems like it would be too hard to manage users if they are still present in the members list.


This is also a problem with users that have been invited but never even joined e.g. wrong email used.


Thank you for this request and the follow-up comments! We will look into allowing deletion of users who never activated their accounts. For users who have already added content, I'm afraid we will require that they remain in the system, but we will look into adding a filter so you don't have to see them in the Manage Users list.

An additional thing we will be doing soon is making it so that invites don't create a user record until the user accepts. So you'll no longer have unaccepted invites filling up your USERS list.

After a reply from @renee about one of the reasons for not deleting users, tracking their contributions once there gone, it makes sense to me that you would be able to delete users as long as they have never had an interaction with the team once that happens you can deactivate them and there is a visual indicator in and discussions that they are now deactivated.

6 months "Planned" and still cant... nvm.. I agree when they have actually posted something they shouldn't be "deleted", but that doesn't mean i still want to see them. Its the simple things that get ya in the end...

We have somebody getting started on the Admin features now. This being one of them. The plan is still to just allow full deletion of users who haven't accepted an invite.

Today, when you suspend a user, they do go away from the Direct Messages list, and they don't show up in lookups such as the @mention auto-complete. However, if they have added content, you will still see them wherever that content exists.

Im referring more to Admin Settings > Manage Users

Seperate the inaactive from the active there?

We have a developer working on that view now. Our plan was just to have an overlay on the inactive users making them appear more grayed out. But I'll talk to the developer about a possible filter to only show the inactive users.

The Remove User action is mixed in with a new Admin UI that we are testing, so we're hoping to have this rolled out later in the week.

Any information on this since there was an update rolled out that i dont believe addresses any of the proposed options?

Would love to not have to see a list of people who are NOT EVEN ACTIVE all the time.



We rolled out Delete User this weekend for users who never accepted their invite. However, we discovered a bug related to that and have temporarily disabled it, so I'm going to leave this in the "Started" state until we can fix and test that.

Austin - Separate from being able to delete a user, we'll have a quick conversation internally about splitting out the users who haven't accepted their invite yet. Perhaps a "Manage Invites" tab where you can see all of the users who haven't accepted yet, resend invites, and create new invites.

Sometime in the next couple of months, our plan is to actually stop creating a "user" record as soon as the invite is sent. We would just wait until the user accepts their invite. But we could probably go ahead and create the "Manage Invites" view ahead of time and just move those pending users over to that tab, and filter them out of Manage Users.


That is great but i am more concerned with AFTER they are a user. An ex-employee, etc. When you have 100 names in a list and 60 of them are just in the way ex-employees, that is kind of un-necessary.

Why can the drop down at the top not just add a filter to look at In-Active people seperately? It is literally a 5 minute change...

I see. Thanks for the clarification...I'll create a ticket to look at other filter options such as "Active" and "Suspended" for simpler management of those groupings.

You can remove users that were invited, but never joined. Users that have been active at some point can be de-activated. This is consistent with other similar applications on the marketplace.

Hi Jeff: this looks like you added a deactivate function. Thanks

My concern is that a user no longer part of a team still has access to the team/forum. If they are deactivated, do they have access to the content on the site?

The other issue is you have an employee that has unfortunately passed away and you are still forced to see their name. How do we just move on without actually deleting the name. It  is not right to not let one... just delete the user from the view. 

This is just plain stupid. Who needs/wants to see old (fired, retired, passed away) employees on the list. Delete them or hide them or something. Just makes no sense to have them there.