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Add option to 'Add Post' from the Chat Messages page

Christopher 5 years ago updated by Mimi 5 years ago 3

Currently in order to Add a new Post you first have to navigate to the Posts page. From there you have the option to 'Add Post'. Because the default when entering a Forum is to see the Chat Messages (this is good - don't change that) you have to go through those steps every time to make a new Post.

Forcing me to go to the Posts page first is an annoyance for those who use both Posts and Chat Messages to have to flip back and forth. It also hinders the progress of new users in Ryver because it isn't readily apparent how to make one of these Posts.

Adding an 'Add Post' option right from the Chat Messages page would correct this annoyance.


We do have "/" commands in the Chat window.
/post will slide in a "New Post" panel without leaving the chat area. When the post is complete - you return to the Chat window: https://screencast.com/t/bQMgS1lvv6t

Per feedback - we'll look into making the option more obvious