User list sorting

Austin Best 5 years ago updated by Mimi 5 years ago 5

Would be a great option if we could sort the user list alphabetically instead of forcing it to be the last one you sent a message to.

Anything? Feeback? Something from the project admin would be appreciated...

Under review

Hi Austin - are you referring to the Direct Messages "List View" or the user names under the "Direct Messages" item on the Nav? When I click the "Direct Messages" item on the Navbar, the list is in alphabetical order based on Display Name. The name under Direct Messages can appear in Alpha order if you set this item in the "My Settings" | "Preferences" - "Pin Order". This will affect "Open Forum" and "Private Team" names as well.

I was referring to the user list under "Direct Messages"

I think sorting "all or nothing" is a bit forced, but can be dealt with. Thanks.

This can be closed.