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Images downloaded from mobile app (android devices) is pixelated or blurred.

jiegomojica 5 years ago updated by Jay Emanon 5 years ago 3

Regardless of where images were uploaded from, when they're downloaded and viewed from mobile app android devices, the images are pixelated or blurred. Not an internet connection issue. Hope this gets resolved.

Under review

Thank you for reporting this. We are investigating today.

I'd like to report this as well and add additional details. It appears that when you click on an image in the app it displays a compressed version of the image. I imagine that this was a decision made to save on bandwidth / make the app feel more responsive.

When you download the image what it should do is go put to Amazon and fetch the full size image and download that. Instead it seems to fetch and download the compressed version of the image.

The only workaround I have at this moment is to view the image, click the menu button in the top right corner, click the copy link option, open up a web browser, paste the link, and navigate to the page. From there I do see the full uncompressed image.

This should be improved by one of many ways:

- click on something when viewing the image to say 'show full resolution' and from there fetching the full version and displaying it in the app

- click on something when viewing the image to say 'open full resolution' that automatically opens a browser and navigates to the image in aws.

- an option to 'download full resolution'

Any of the three would be better than the workaround I have to do right now...

hey RYVER! Images downloaded from your app SUCKS BIG TIME! slack is better!i hope you can Fix it!