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Notice of user typing is now gone

Austin Best 5 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 5

Prior to the last update, when the user you had open was typing a message, you would see a little moving icon next to their name AND you would see some "ghost" text in the window that said something like {USER} is typing a message...

Well now the icon is there however that message that shows someone is typing is removed. Is there a reason for this? Accident (I HOPE!)?

Under review

Hmm...we certainly didn't intend for that to go away. We are seeing the "<name> is typing" text just above the chat text box here at Ryver HQ (for Direct Messages). We'll run some tests in various versions of the desktop client and browsers to see if we can reproduce the issue.

here is a quick screenshot. I sent her a message to get her to respond. As you can see the little moving icon next to her name is there showing she is responding, but the message on the bottom isn't.


Thanks Austin. I'm curious...if you were to do View > Reload on your Ryver client (or refresh your browser tab), does that fix it at least temporarily?

Yes, it seems the reload now has it showing again.

Ok, thanks Austin. So that means something can happen that gets the client in a state where it stops displaying. We'll be on the look out for that.