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Post links without preview.

martin tran 5 years ago updated by Luke Fritz 3 years ago 5

Post links without preview. I know, I can add text before and after as workaround.

Under review

Hi Martin. So are you looking for a user option to juts not see the previews yourself? Or you want to be able to add a link at the end of a message and not have it generate a preview for others?

If the former, we do have a chat command where you can type /collapse in a chat room, and it will collapse all of the previews there unless you manually expand them. There is also a global preference for this.

This is really annoying: With every link we post in a message, depending on the target URL, a giant preview image is added.

We would very much welcome an option to switch off auto-augmented messages.

The API already has arguments like `"isEphemeral": true` and adding `"createPreview": false` would be nice.

This could also be exposed in the "send message" area of the UI.

We'd also be happy with a URL blacklist for suppressed preview images.

A combination of enabling/disabling link previews via API and UI with such a list of "disable by default" URLs would be perfect.

I feel that a blacklist does not entirely solve the problem. IMO a great solution would also include some way to denote that the message's link should not be previewed.

Both above scenarios would work, but a blacklist would be preferable. Or whatever service is generating the preview, don't follow 301/302 redirects so anything that is behind a login would not render an image.