Cant view failed webhooks

Austin Best 5 years ago updated by jeff 4 years ago 7

It shows an information bubble with the number of failed hooks, however what is the point if as a developer i cant see WHY they are failing??

This is rather critical since there is very little to no documentation of this new feature.

Under review

Hi Austin. The reason for the failure would get returned to your calling code. However, we agree that in the next round of work on this feature, it would be good to provide a log for the failures.

I'll add something to this article on the most likely reason for failures, which would include passing an invalid JSON format, passing the wrong content type in the header, or passing too many webhooks over a given period of time and having the rate limiter kick in.

What is this said rate limiter? I see no documentation about this (which might be helpful)

I also sent an email pertaining to this where there is no error being return. No success message, nothing. In the admin panel it does not increment the success or failed bubbles either.

Also if this is all done via automated scripting which is how i would be using it, viewing it when it is called is not really an option. It will be run via cron job to monitor web server raids for failed drives and post back if it finds one.

I believe we have worked out your issue with the failures, via your examining the payload returned from your webhook request. We do want to add a tracker and viewer of failed webhook calls for inside the client, though.

At the moment, we limit you to 10 messages/second, 60 in a minute, or 500 in an hour. That limit will be fluid as we keep an eye on usage of this feature and make sure we're not causing any undo stress on our systems.

Any update on this? Is a user being able to view the issue so they can fix it not reasonable?


In the next update, you'll be able to click on the fail count and view the last error. At some point we'll want to show a history, but this should definitely help.

Please contact us at support@ryver.com if you want some help debugging one in the mean time.

Yes, viewing the latest would be helpful until a log is available. I'm not sure about others but if it fails i am not going to keep trying over and over without checking why it failed to begin with.