Webhooks not displaying

Austin Best 5 years ago updated by Mimi 5 years ago 6

Added a webhook,

"All Webhooks" shows You have created 0 out of 10 allowed

"Active Webhooks" shows You have created 1 out of 10 allowed

Under review

Strange! We'll try to reproduce that one this morning, as our webhooks have all been showing up in the "All Webhooks" list.

Were you using the Ryver desktop client? And if so, do you have the latest 1.2.0 version of the client from ryver.com/downloads? (version under Help > About)

Just checked, 1.1.8

i thought this software auto updated? I know it updated however because everything is now white as of this morning.

I will manually install newest version & check (maybe yall should add a manual update button on that about form?)

Ok, after updating i now see a Manual Update (good!)

I also see the hook in the All Webhooks now as well. So must be an issue with versions < 1.2.0

Thank you for the update on this one! That might explain why you and one other person saw the "All Webhooks" issue, but we haven't been able to reproduce it, and nobody else ran into it.

Please note that version 1.2.0 of the desktop app now has support for auto-update of future versions.

This could be closed.


Thanks Austin.