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Task bar icon?

Rayzback 5 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 1

When Ryver windows application is NOT minimized an icon should appear on the task bar. I can't seem to drag and drop to a post and can't get Ryver to the foreground from the ^ overflow while holding on to a file. Maybe it's just me or Win10? :)

Under review

If the Ryver app is running, you should see an icon for it in your Active Apps area. And dragging a file to that icon should make Ryver the active application.

For the task tray in the lower right, which it sounds like you are talking about, you can drag the Ryver icon from the overflow area down to the always visible area. However, dragging a file to that icon regardless of it being in overflow or not, will not activate Ryver.

We can take a look at that to see if it should. But I would expect the main "active apps" icon to be available to you.