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link target

Timothy Reichle 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

The idea is when creating html links to be able to specify a target.

Like this? [linkname](url)

Yes, try copying what I wrote and replace the words linkname and url then post it in Ryver.

Under review

It sounds like you're aware that you can add links in Ryver by typing something like:
[Google Link](www.google.com)

However, you want to additionally specify a target? Are you wanting this to be a personal user preference so that when you are running Ryver in the browser, it will open links a certain way when you click on them? Such as in a new browser window, rather than in a browser tab?

Or are you wanting to apply a target to a link that you are adding to a message, and force it to open a certain way for other users?

I am wanting to apply the target to a link. (We have a bot in our group that sends a link which opens in a new window each time instead of the existing window.)