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Unread count per team/forum

Frederick Kuhne 6 years ago updated by Karel 4 years ago 4

It would be useful to have a count of unread items as a prefix or suffix on the team/forum name.

Ie. <UnreadCount><TeamName>

Under review

Would you want one number that represents all of the unread posts, comments and chat messages? What if there was just a generic badge on the nav bar (like today), but when you want to the forum or team, you saw numbers on the CHAT and POSTS tabs?

Or do you definitely want it available without having to select the tab in the nav bar?

Personally, I'd like to see it without having to select a particular tab as well as on the chats/posts tabs. On the main tab it gives an immediate indication of activity to check and once inside the other gives more granularity.


Ok, thanks. So a single number in the nav bar that would be all new activity, including chat, posts and comments. Then making sure it is easy to see where those are once you get into that forum/team. We've started having some discussions about how we can implement this approach.

Hi there, our company recently implemented Ryver and I would also like to know if the above is possible because it will be really helpful if I can see the total number of unread messages in the Ryver tray icon on the taskbar. Was there perhaps any update or feedback on this since the last post above?