Hotkey not working properly when Ryver is running

Austin Best 5 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 3

There are more programs than Ryver that use the key combination

Ctrl + Shift + I

Mainly Chrome has used it for years to open their developer console. Strangely enough when Ryver is running this key combination no longer works in ANY OTHER PROGRAMS.

Photoshop is another one that uses this combo as a shortcut for Inverse Selection.

Please fix this ASAP, it took FOREVER to realize why my combo quit working in Chrome, go figure it would be Ryver.

Under review

This should have been fixed. Please make sure you have version 1.2.0 under Help > About. Also, please note that we have added auto-update support in the 1.2.0 build for future releases. You can download this version of the desktop app on the Ryver downloads page.


Yes & yes. I guess lack of release notes or notification keeps me posting things i might not really need to. Either way it is working as expected and i do see the manual update option now, thank you!


Good! Regarding release notes, we do always put a system message banner up at the top of the Ryver client after each upgrade announcing that an upgrade has been completed, and providing a link to our release notes. You can also look under the drop-down menu at the top of the nav bar to get a link to release notes.

I think what we're also going to do is add some kind of "badge" up there to get your attention when there are new updates.