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Provide access to user profile card details for bot actions

Bill Gravelle 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

I just found Timezone.io today and am experimenting with it in the context of a Hubot script (GitHub repo). I definitely see the appeal of exposing this detail to our community. I just don't like the idea of forcing them to register for a new service, simply to provide the detail that already exists inside Ryver.

It would be great to have bot actions to set the current timezone (for when we're traveling). It also would be great to have the bot action contextually get the current timezones for members - in the Direct Message, the Private Team, the Open Forum or the Organization.

Under review

Is your main goal to make it quicker/easier to change timezone? Basically a shortcut so you don't have to go into My Settings? Or were you looking for some added functionality to go with it, like being able to set your timezone for a specific period (the next two days)?

Howdy - the purpose of this request was really more for the visibility of the member's timezone information. A simple way to see that our members are across the world, and to help easily see when might be the best time to engage them in chats. I thought that timezone.io was very interesting and something we could emulate via a simple bot interface in Ryver.