Under review

Display the DATE rather than the DAY for chats and posts older than 1 week.

Matt Golman 6 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

Displaying only the day of the week and not the complete date doesn't make sense for older messages. Looking at the screenshot below, you'd think that the "Wednesday 9:52pm" message was sent yesterday, but it's actually months old. If a post is older than 1 week, it should display the date instead. "9/21/2016 9:52pm" makes much more sense in this context.

Under review

The idea was to keep distractions to a minimum in the content area, with full date on hover and also the full date separators to indicate that fuller context. So that as you read through the discussion, you're mostly reading the content. I noticed that some competing products have even dropped down to only showing the time, and not even the day of the week now.

But this is still a fair request, and we can take another look. At the very least, it does seem to make sense that we would show the full date in the chat search archives.

Minimizing distractions makes sense, and I like the look of the date separators. Could you float the date on top of the conversation if it's not the same as the current date? Something like this.

It's a little more work on the coding side, but it shouldn't be unreasonable to make that work smoothly.

Edit: and then you could only display the time on each post, since the day is static at the top of the conversation.

We'll look into this option of floating the day. We've moved most of our UI views to React, with Chat and Posts being the last two "legacy" views (and the mosts complicated ones). I'll make sure this idea is something that gets considered with the React update!

Thanks Jeff, I'm really impressed with the amount of community involvement you guys have.