Under review

Forum/Team Icon next to its name in the Navigation Pane

André Koch 6 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 1

Hi team, again I must say I'm liking this app more and more as I use it. Anyway I was just wondering, is it possible to have the forum or team icon display next to its name on the navigation pane? It displays at the top of the chat room once I'm already in it, but it would be nice if I could select the chat room I want to get into, by identifying its icon. Its like when I see Jeff's picture in the idea thread I know the post is from him instantly. This will also brighten up the navigation pane a bit. Maybe this feature is already there but I doesn't work for me for some reason, I'm not sure. Btw, I think priority for this feature should be the desktop app. Thanks!

Under review

We are going to be re-doing the navigation pane sometime in the next couple of months. We have a lot of ideas in mind, such as being able to drag-drop for placement of tabs, groupings, and collapsing/expanding the entire nav bar.

Showing the icons in the tab is an interesting one...I know we get a lot of people who want to fit as many things as they can, then others who would like to see more info per tab. We'll definitely be talking about the icon idea. Perhaps as a user option, or showing a really small one that zooms when you hover over it. Not sure.