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Preserve indentation white space when posting comments.

Kris Nye 6 years ago updated by Andreas 6 years ago 3

When I post indented code such as the following, the indentation should be preserved and for bonus points it should be in a monospace font, like traditional code sections:


type: 'string'
type: 'key'


We do support the Github style markdown for code blocks, so if you add a line with three back ticks above and below your code, it will be formatted as you want (with color coding).

You want to give it a try and see if this solves it for you?

Under review

Ok, that's a fair point. We'll take a look at our markdown renderer and review that rendering of whitespace.

I often have a code block and some text to go along with it to explain it. That might be difficult to automatically detect since this extra text could just be a row missing indentation. The way I have made this easier to work with is autohotkey's feature hotstrings (autotyping the ´´´ ´´´).