Provide option to hide email address from User Profile and User lists

jeff 6 years ago updated by Computers for Schools Yukon 4 years ago 13

1. Allow users to specify whether their email address should be shown in their Profile and user lists.

2. Allow the Admin to force hiding of email address for all users


This feature is important. Ryver has a very good potential for communities where participants can be strangers to each other.


it's also a good way to force members to communicate through ryver only

I spend several hours yesterday looking into using Slack or similar as a way to answer questions from clients and prospects. More team-customer than intra-team communication.

Ryver seemed to be the most intuitive of all I found which of course is key if I'm going to get clients to actually use a new system.

One big problem with Slack was that the member email addresses were visible to all other members. There's a thread (on Quora, maybe) where people started in 2013 asking Slack for the option to hide emails addresses from other members. There are a zillion requests for the feature. At first, Slack says they'll consider it but by last month, Slack was saying it's not on their upgrade path, it's not the market they're targeting. That's totally cool, they want to focus exclusively on intra-team communication, not on team communication with customers and prospects.

Eventually, after looking at several other products, I found Ryver which was a better option anyway for a customer and prospect communication (guests & more intuitive). I'm thinking that Ryver could be the natural step up from Facebook groups but, like Slack, that may not be a direction Ryver wants to go. It does, however, have the advantage of introducing people to Ryver and getting them familiar with the UI.

Anyway, that gives you the first impression of one newby.

Our next update will have an Administrative option to hide email address from the User Profile, but there are still cases where an email address could show up or be accessed by the APIs, so we won't be marking this as completed just yet.

Hiding emails is great as long as admins can still see them. At this time, the only way for admins to see user email addresses is to go to admin settings. It's a bit laborious.


Hmm...so maybe if the Admin could click on a user avatar and see the email in the pop-up profile card?

Also, it's more involved, but a setting to limit guests from seeing it while members still could, or maybe hiding it altogether, but provided a straightforward e-mail window where a message could be sent to a user by e-mail in a quick contact form. I know, none of that is actually "quick" to set up, but it might be useful functionality.


There is an Admin preference in Admin Settings for hiding the email address in the profile. We still haven't decided whether to put a user-level preference in for this.

Now that I've used Ryver more, I think hiding the e-mail from everyone as a blanket setting will work great for our small organization.  People who need our e-mails have other ways of getting them.  Thanks!