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Statistics for Admin users

WA Raiders Clan 6 years ago updated by RyverMan 3 years ago 7 1 duplicate

Would love to be able to generate Ryver usage statistics for all members. These stats would show information for a period specified. Example stats below:

  • How many chat messages a user sent
  • How many posts a user sent
  • Last login
  • Emoticon count
  • etc

Basically stats to show a single users or all users combined activity on Ryver.

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Under review

We're going to be working on adding "Simple Statistics" probably in the May timeframe. At this point, we were going to focus on rolled up statistic info for the Admin, not individual user statistics, but we will discuss that option. I'm also not sure at this time what level of statistics we will integrate into the free Ryver service, as opposed to being part of our upcoming premium service for businesses/enterprises.

May of which year/decade?

May has come and gone. Is there an update on this feature? It is something we are looking into.


Sorry, we ended up pushing this out to focus on tasks, and enabling billing. To be honest, this one is still prioritized below some other key features that we'll be working on through the end of the year, including single sign-on, audit tracking, and notifications improvements. However, we just talked about it, and I think the effort we put into full history/audit tracking will will be the perfect place to include a little reporting work for statistics. We'll see if we can piggy back this feature on top of the other, rather than push it out into 2018.

I vote for notifications improvements, because manage notifications its KEY in this days!

Any news about this?

Any news on this please?