Provide integration with RSS feeds

Bill Gravelle 6 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 6

I know you initially encourages this integration via Zapier. We're using this successfully for a few feeds, paying only the Basic monthly fee to Zapier. However, I'm looking to integrate feeds from a wiki that would require me to add several dozen more API definitions - that would increase our monthly fee within Zapier considerably.

Is there any way that Ryver can provide this integration directly - or is there an alternate service that would be less expensive to aggregate many RSS feeds - or is there some programming solution available through the Ryver Developer APIs?

Please help - thanks, *bg

Maybe something like rssmix or chimpfeedr.


The good news is that one of our developers has written an RSS Feed monitoring service, with a command-line interface in Ryver for subscribing to an RSS feed. The bad news is that we still need to schedule time to test it out more and to protect that service from abuse when we open it up to our full customer base.

I have the same exact issue as Bill.  We can get zaps, but if the RSS feeds produces a lot of entries, it becomes expensive.  When do you think that this feature will be available?

One more thing...  I created a zap based on Google News about a particular topic.  I saw that many of the zaps were duplicate entries: Same exact News.  Would there be any way to prevent this unnecessary duplication?

Any news about this?

We finally pulled this service back out of cold storage and are putting the finishing touches on a UI for it. We have begun testing it in-house with hopes to release it in a couple of weeks. We just need to make sure we have it set up to scale properly once everybody starts setting up feeds.

I'm not sure why your zaps are creating duplicates. Did you check to see if perhaps your Google Alert is creating multiple entries for the same topic?

With our RSS watcher, you should definitely just get one entry per RSS feed article.