Webhooks and advanced integrations

Bill Gravelle 6 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 4

I see [here](http://support.ryver.com/api-invite-users/) in the support document from March2016 that webhooks were 'coming soon'.

We've been able to use the Enrollment URL facility for a while; but it's probably time for us to start enhancing the user experience. If the advanced integration facilities are available (even in an early release mode), then we'd be a great community to experiment with and help refine it.

PS - We're also using Zapier for various integrations for our community. If the easiest first step for y'all would be to expose this advanced integration through that layer, then we'd be happy to follow that path (at least initially).


Ok, yes...we've been saying "coming soon" for way too long now on Webhooks. We finally really are getting Webhook support implemented, and have started testing it in-house. We will be supporting the Slack formatting for webhook payloads as well, so that should help with compatibility with existing solutions out there.

A little bit late at the party, but made our first useful Ryver webhook integration. Posting Server Status notification from our uptime robot into Ryver support channle. Working awesome. This initial useful webhook makes me so stoked for more Ryver webhooks!

Just couldn't help myself, so happy we chose Ryver many moons ago!