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Mobile push notifications unreliable

Cliff 6 years ago updated by Marco Martinelli 3 years ago 19

For my users, we've been having significant iissues with the mobile notifications in the Ryver app. We will be away from our desk for the weekend but still not get mobile alerts. I've heard from Android devices but I'm not sure about iOS because we don't have many.

Also, I have noticed that you have to actually have the app open and running in the background for it to work if it will send notifications at all.

I have in app and regular notifications enabled, but is there ssomething I'm doing wrong? Thank you.

Under review

We are so far unable to reproduce issues with Android not receiving notifications. But we've heard a few reports of it from users now (just a few, but the reports seem viable). If you contact support about this issue, we will continue trying to find a reason...perhaps a particular OS/Phone combination. The more info we can get the better, as this has been a tough one to track down.

Certainly, if your desktop app for some reason keeps you showing as "Available" (green), then you will not get push notifications, but it doesn't sound like that's the issue here.

Regarding iOS app push notifications: I did some basic tests with the latest iOS native Ryver app and it does not seem like push notifications work at all. Are they supposed to?

I turned on all notification settings in the app and also have Ryver notifications turned on in the iOS Settings -> Notifications section. I started Ryver, then pressed the Home button, then had another user send me a direct message. I never saw an iOS system banner nor Ryver app icon badge updated.

Unless I did something wrong with my test, it doesn't look like iOS system push notifications are implemented. It would be great if they were! Thanks.

Hi Todd - We definitely have push notifictions for iOS. There two most common things that cause people to report not getting them are:

1. They still have a Ryver client active someplace, such as on their desktop. As long as you are active and being reported as Available (green) to other users, we do not send out push notifications.

2. People are expecting to get notifications of ALL messages in a Forum/Team chat room, not just @mentions. It doesn't sound like this is your issue, as you mentioned not getting a Direct Message. Note, though, that over the next couple of weeks, we will be working on adding support for push notification of all messages in specified teams/forums.

If you're still not getting push notifications, please contact Support and we'll try to dig into what might be happening in your particular case.

Hi Jeff - thanks for the response and info. I'm sure the first item (Ryver client active on a desktop) was causing what I was seeing. Good to know. Best, Todd.

Another thought for this Jeff, if the user locks their computer Ryver could then set them to "Away" in the desktop version? This would allow for an instant pickup of push notifications on mobile devices for those who lock their computers when they step away from them (most businesses i hope do this).


We currently do not have a hook into the Screen Lock / Screen Saver event. We will add that in our next round of Desktop updates!

My team struggles A LOT with the notifications. IOS notifications I now see are not pushed if Ryver is open elsewhere. I always have Ryver open on my desktop, but because I screenshare, I often have my notifications turned off. I rely on push notifications to my phone to alert me to messages. Obviously, this setup fails for me. I did the same thing Todd did, and had the app open and running in the background on my phone hoping that would help. Why not push out notifications across the board, and let the user decide where they want them muted themselves?

We are now working on a new user option to explicitly control Push notifications. So instead of having it be 100% automatic based on whether you are "active" or not, the user would be able to toggle a button and turn Push ON until they opt to turn it back off and go into the "automatic" mode. This would allow you to turn on push even if your desktop client is still active.

That is fine and well for an always on scenario, however for the "automatic" users it doesnt fix the problem of not getting them. I'm going to stick with my suggestion that a simple hook to set away status automatically when the computer is locked would increase the amount of push notifications being delievered instead of missed because it takes X minutes to automatically set them to away.

Yes, we have a developer looking at the "away on lock" fix in the desktop client right now. Thanks.

I am using the most recent version of Ryver on my Nexus 5X with Android 7.1.1. I am able to receive push notifications when someone @mentions me, but I never receive notifications for new messages in Private Teams despite enabling every notification setting I can find. Is this function not supported? It is critical for my team, as we are trying to replace our WhatsApp usage with Ryver, but this won't work at all unless we can receive the same type of notifications as we would in a WhatsApp group (i.e. every message triggers a notification).


Currently, it is not an option to get push notifications for every single chat message in a team or forum. We originally felt that this would be far too "noisy" for people, with their phone buzzing constantly. Based on this being a popular request, though, we have started working on being able to support this option...and might even make it the default for new organizations so that they get all of the messages to start with, and can dial it back if it becomes too noisy.

We have some items competing for priority right now. I'm not sure exactly when this one will get implemented.


Sounds like you are working on this issue, but let me add my agreement to some of the previous comments. I definitely need to be able to control my push notification setting on my phone independently of whether or not I am active on the desktop or anyplace else. I keep missing messages become someplace else in my work environment, I'm active on Ryver. And even when I'm staring at my desktop, I still want to receive notification messages, because I, like I'm sure most other people, have multiple applications, multiple windows and multiple desktop "spaces" open at the same time and need to see the message to realize I have some new events in Ryver that I need to check. 

In theory, it's a great idea on how to reduce distractions while working. However, in practice there is a reason most other apps don't handle messaging this way. On my Mac, Skype, Mail, Messages (and even, shhhhh! Slack) notify me when something happens, even when that application is active - because generally speaking, it helps me to be tapped on the shoulder with a notification when someone Skypes, emails or messages me.


Has there been any progress on an option in the mobile app to allow all postings to notify you?


Hello, I would also like to support the work on this issue. Unfortunately, I am not receiving any notifications so I have to open the app to see if there has been any activity. I am on Samsung Galaxy S8 / Android, I also have Ryver on my iPad. My desktop is an iMac.


I would like this feature also. We are trying to switch our company over from slack and they have the ability to push all notifications on team chats


yes we need this too - would be great if notifications were sent regardless of if you’re logged in on the desktop

In IOS, the notification does not work if I set the show previews to Always. But if I set it to Default (Only when unlocked), then the notification works.

Hello, I switched my Android mobile from Nougat (Huawei P9 Plus) to Pie (Oneplus 6T) and found notification more unreliable:
1) impossibile to set vibration only notification

2) notification soud sometime is the system default notification sound, sometimen the one chosen in to the app

3) set values into the app are not catched, need app data reset (previous point still)

4) sometime notification is delayed a lot