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Request for threaded chat

Aaron Bartell 6 years ago updated by EugenW 2 years ago 3

In our Ryver community (ibmioss) we have a lot of chats that get promoted to posts and that is very confusing if you started a chat and it was promoted to a post by somebody else (you wonder "where'd it go?"). I then need to go to the posts tab and start looking. Instead it would be good if an existing chat could be marked as a post and that would start a form of indentation within the chat pane. This means the post tab would go away. This would also necessitate a "Filter" feature on the chat pane (maybe refactored to not be named chat, because posts would also be there) that would allow just posts to be displayed.

I don't want to derail this feature that's already planned. But I did want to convey that the current approach is not immediately intuitive (and even after understanding the feature I still get lost).

Under review

We understand that there is some desire for threaded chat conversations right within the chat tab. We are considering that for the future, but there is a significant amount of work involved.

In the mean time, since Ryver also has the POSTS tab, which is like a Facebook (TM) wall for your Team or Forum, we felt that providing an option to copy a chat transcript into a Post and then comment on that post would be a useful feature.

Should check twistapp for how thread/posts interface should be handled

Is this still under review?