Mark a Post as "archived" or "completed"

jeff 6 years ago updated 4 years ago 10

Would like to be able to archive an individual post in a Forum or Team, and to be able to filter the POSTS tab so that it only shows the "active" posts.

This would make it much easier to see what's current in a Team without having to Sticky everything.


YESS!!! A thousand yeses. This would be incredibly beneficial for teams wanting to retain information and exchanges made on posts but declutter and archive inactive or closed projects.


This would be awesome and very beneficial. How soon can this be implemented? Any timeline on this?


Absolutely want this!


Yes. That feature would make me happy.

Yes please!

I just switched from Slack to Ryver and I love it, but the ability to archive completed posts would be great.

This is a must!

If I delete, I would loose all information. If I keep it there, I can follow up-to-date issues...