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Austin Best 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

So as a software developer, i refer to versions ALOT. However i guess Ryver does not like speaking of versions...

5.1.*, 5.5.*, 6.0.*

When i put that in the chat to refer to 3 major builds with any of the revisions related, Ryver takes it upon its self to change that to

5.1., 5.5., 6.0.*

So it appears there is a problem with a period followed by the asterisk followed by a comma?????

Under review

Hi Austin,

Ryver uses a form of markdown to do formatting of messages. Our markdown support has been expanded to be very similar to what github uses, with placing text between asterisks resulting in "emphasis" (italics) of the contained text:

We typically see developers making extensive use of single `back-ticks` for inline code (or anything else you want to keep unformatted), or triple back-ticks for code blocks: https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet#code

So in your case, if you were to type `5.1.*, 5.5.*, 6.0.*`, you would find that it keeps all of the *, and highlights that block in gray.


Guess i would have never assumed a chat software to use any form of MD. Can you please have this removed!!??!!?? As an option of course. As a chat program i dont want the software assuming i want anything done with my text other than posting it! There is no feasible way i would ask my employees to learn markdown so they know what symbol combinations do what, that seems a bit rediculous. I am guessing you simply pass the text input through a parser or function (or would hope that is the extent of it because it doesn't do anything until AFTER it is posted) so a simple if statement based on an "organization" setting in the admin section would be very easy to implement as well.

Any update on this?