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Alberto 6 years ago updated by emily_moran 6 years ago 5

Safe draft of a chat or post adding a button next to "Post"

Under review

Note that we do now save a local draft of your chat message as you're typing it (every 10 seconds), in case you have a connectivity issue and the app needs to refresh. But it sounds like you want the ability to explicitly save a draft and then call it back up when you're ready.

Would you expect to be able to save multiple drafts in the same team/forum?


Hi Jeff,

sorry for the late reply. I replied to the email but I just realised it never reached the forum.

Thank you for your quick reply and for the excellent and free product.
I understand that by local you mean that the draft is not currently saved online? What I was thinking is something similar to gmail: anything I write is automatically synced so I can continue editing my draft later and even on a different device. This would probably be particularly valuable for posts.
In response to your question, the ability to save multiple drafts in the same forum or team would be a useful feature and I expect to use it extensively.




I'm preparing multiple posts and need a "save as draft" option as well. Right now I'm using a private team just for myself to draft the posts and copy & paste them manually to the right channel.

I would love to be able to save drafts!

This would be SO helpful! I too often have multiple in-progress posts at a time, so being able to save as a draft (if not have the autosave like gmail) would be very valuable.

Additionally—and please let me know if this should be a separate post?—I'm wondering if there is a way to even mark certain posts by stages that are only accessible by specific team members and/or user level?

For example, I have a "Can You Help Me" forum where I make posts of open tasks and positions for volunteers. For a while I was posting even lose concepts of teams/positions in there with a note in the description that it would be "fleshed out later."

While the forum is open to everyone on my team, I sometimes work on the development of certain position descriptions/task structures with 1-2 team members.

At the moment, I created a separate private team and copy/pasted in those that weren't fully developed. But if there was some form of gradation like Draft/In Review/Published, with the ability to dictate who can see what level (if not by individual than maybe by Guest vs Member vs Admin, it would save a lot of workaround time.

This of course may be totally negated if the ability to move posts arises... Then I suppose having a "in the works" team or something could work... but would still be more functional the alternate way.

Again please let me know if I should make this a separate post (excepting the 1st 2 sentences) ;D