Implementation of windows notifications

Austin Best 6 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 6

The windows desktop software should be using the standard windows API for notifications. If i receive a new message, i want to see that message in the bottom corner of my screen (similar to how every other messenger system works). Currently i have to install 3rd party software to achieve this and that makes no sense when there is a very simple windows API to accomplish this. Thanks for reading!

If you are on Windows 10, you should be seeing messages reported through the Action Center as of the last couple of versions of the desktop shell. Though, there is a known bug in the Open Source project we are using for the shell in which the messages don't persist in the action center. For earlier versions of Windows, we fall back on older APIs that will show the message above the task tray in the lower corner.

In our next round of "desktop client" work, we will be looking into the additional Action Center bug if that hasn't been solved already in the latest version of the Electron shell.

We have more windows 7 machines than 8 or 10 here, just a piece of information.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they dont. Sometimes you wont see anything and then at some random point it will catch up and you see hours worth of notifications back to back for about 10 minutes.

Another option, i dont know how many people use it but Growl for windows has a very simply to use integration as well (i use it with many applications ive written and other software as well) that might be utilized?

Side note, i am not saying Growl is the best option as i mentioned in my OP, 3rd party software shouldn't be required. However if windows notifications cant be fixed to be consistent i was simply mentioning an alternative.

Here is yet another example. I have not been getting the windows notifications since last thursday evening. Well this morning all of a sudden it decides to work so it is now catch up time. So all messages from thursday night until this morning are going to popup for the next hour or so. You can see the date in Ryver is friday for the popup i just got this morning.

This is pretty badly broken & has been for quite some time (well at least i consider 6 months for something like this quite some time)

Hi Austin,

That is very strange on the "catch up" behavior! We'll so some research on that. When we receive the real-time event for the notification, and we push that to the App Shell API, we are done with it at that point. I can't think of any place in our code where a bunch of them would get "saved up" such that we could send them rapidly later. So I'm wondering where that could be happening.