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Allow grouping of members

Austin Best 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 6

Each user should be able to create groups in their list. If i have 100 people in my list, it would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to group these people by department. Sales, Support, etc instead of having a never ending list. Being able to expand/collapse these would be ideal as well.


This might be useful from an administration perspective and managing permissions of users.

I am more concerned with the flow of people on the left. It is much easier for things to be compartmentalized as well. By having groups and people in them, it just flows better let alone makes it more user friendly :)

I just dont want this to turn into an admin feature, where the admins creates and assigns people into groups. This should be a user feature so everyone can create groups and call them what they want and group them how they prefer.

Under review

You bring up a very good distinction, Austin, between Administration and features that are available to all users to manage their view of the account. To that end, as soon as we get to the point of rewriting our navigation bar, we expect grouping to be part of that effort.

We have been looking at potential shorter term wins, as I think it could be a couple months before we get going in earnest on the nav bar rewrite. One possibility is to introduce a "Favorites" group where you can put your most used Teams, Forums and Users. I'm curious as to how much a feature like that might help you, or if you really need the multiple groupings within each category of forums, teams and DMs (users).

For us personally, it wouldn't make any difference to have a preset group. It is still not able to organize them except into one group. For me personally, as a developer i deal with everyone in the company because the code i write effects every department so i have to talk to everyone, therefor everyone would be in the favorites just the same as the current single list.

The groups feature is a very simple one that would take no time at all to implement and could easily be carried over from one design to another, so there would be no time wasted in adding the feature to the current implementation. Just my thoughts anyways.

As far as which specifically, we would need it more for DMs than the groups and forums. I dont think people have hundreds of forums and teams where as having hundreds of members is very common (especially with the ability to have "guests".


Is this a feature that is still currently under review? Has it moved status at all? The ability to group members or guests into pre-defined groups at minimum would help us stop from relying on email and the creation of new private teams for one-off messages to a group of members & guests.

Man o man Josh, i really wish it was. Simple features take awhile to make it through the pipeline it appears...