Text box requires two clicks to type

Jeremiah 6 years ago updated by jeff 5 years ago 4

When the Ryver desktop client window is not in focus, I have to click the text box TWICE to be able to type text. This is unusual and frustrating because I am used to clicking once anywhere else in the window to immediately give the Ryver window focus and do the action I clicked on. The text mouse cursor shows when I hover over the text box when the window is not in focus, BUT clicking there does not bring the blinking text input, which means you can't type until you click the text box again. This is a bug and needs to be fixed.

I believe this was fixed on 1.1.7 since I dont have the issue anymore, if not then try a clean install as I did, just open exe location, and after uninstall delete every file on it. some settings might be lost, I dont know

Sorry, this has been fixed to the best of our knowledge for several months, and we didn't close this out. Please contact support if you are seeing this issue in version 1.2.0 or higher of the desktop client.