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Auto-away status update

Jeremiah 6 years ago updated by Tim 4 years ago 6

I've seen other entries about automatically setting presence status to away or available based on computer activity, which is great but I don't think it works. I'm on windows 7 with the desktop app and I don't notice any change in status no matter how long computer inactivity is. ALSO, when I lock my windows machine, Ryver status should automatically be set to away, and when I unlock it, back to available, and it most definitely does not do that. That's the standard way chat applications have worked for decades. Should be standard in Ryver also.

Under review

We will investigate the lock issue. As for inactivity, we convert you to away after 15 minutes. However, we are looking into dropping that to 5 minutes by default, and giving you a preference for how long you would like that wait period to be.

We're running some tests now, trying to reproduce a scenario where it doesn't detect inactivity properly. We were wondering if you might be on a corporate computer where the IT staff installed some kind of monitoring software. We'll look into running some tests in an environment like that. Thanks!

It's a company computer but there is no monitoring software. It's a small business so they are simply networked single-user computers.

We are still seeing the desktop client automatically set presence status to "Away" after 5 minutes (used to be 15) of inactivity. Though, we have had a handful of reports of this not working. We're hoping we'll be able to identify a particular combination of software running on a computer that would cause this problem, as we're using standard Windows API calls to get reports of any keyboard or mouse activity.

I am experiencing the opposite on macOS Sierra (v 10.12.5) using Ryver 1.2.0. I will set myself to available and within 1 minute it will change to away. This happens if I switch to another app or just leave the Ryver app at the forefront. I use Synergy and figured that switching to the other screen could be triggering the status change, however I have tried setting the status and then not moving my mouse. In less than 1 minute the status automatically changes to away.

It would be nice to be able to turn this feature on or off. I telecommute and do not spend my entire day chatting but I would like to let my colleagues know that I am available. I should be able to do this simply by setting my status. It seems that the "Auto-away" should be an optional feature and not baked in. 

I really agree with the original poster's comment about locking and unlocking a PC impacting Ryver status.  I have to have our old chat program up and running to know if my employees are at their desks or not because Ryver can't tell me if they're there.  It's been a standard for decades in other chat programs.  Please add this.  It's hard to justify using Ryver when I have to have another chat program for this.

I would also add that Outlook / Exchange integration to tell me when someone is in a meeting according to their calendar is another thing our other chat program can do.  Not only do I know they're away, but I know why.  For team collaboration, tying into an Outlook calendar seems like an essential.


I'd also like more control over presence. I use multiple computers only one of which is running Ryver. I want to be able to disable any automatic change of status and I'd like to be able to add some text to indicate what I'm working on or when I will be next available. Stride has a text field for this. A configurable pick list and a text field would be even better.