Integrated ability to stream Tweets and Google Alerts to chat room

jeff 6 years ago updated 4 years ago 9

Would like to be able to watch particular Twitter users or keywords, as well as certain Google Alerts, by having them stream directly into a Forum or Team chat room. Would like to be able to do this as a feature native to Ryver, rather than needing to use a third-party service such as Zapier.


How about rss?

I agree, RSS feeds would be great as well, but I'm excited about the Tweets and Google Alerts. Facebook alerts would be awesome as well. Seems like social media is getting to be a lot more important, but I hate being signed in to all the different sites all the time.

We setup a Zapier integration that puts Twitter posts into one of our forums. I imagine the same could be done with Facebook.

True, I had started to look into it. We don't have the budget to pay for services like that, but I guess it would probably be covered under the free services Zapier provides.

It would be nice to support streaming other types of data as well, not just twitter and google alerts but things like graphs from say Grafana or new relic.


The new Watch service is available in forums and teams, which supports a bunch of popular news services as well as custom RSS feeds. Twitter didn't make the cut as we are limited on the number of tweets we can stream from our own account. We will be looking into adding connected accounts for users as a separate feature, which would allow you to connect to your twitter account and stream from feeds that you watch there.