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Collapsable Code if 3-back-tick Method used

jake 6 years ago updated by Trevor Vaughan 6 years ago 3

When doing code shares, these can be long snippets. Many times the comments within the main post, along with shared pics or links, are tedious to navigate. So if a collapse button were to be right next to the top line of code to collapse only the code between the back-ticks, this would be sweet! (Method Ex.:)

Adding to the complaint:
-On the phone app when my team shares code snippets in posts, the wordwrap makes them very very long for scrolling to get to the comments section, taking what is tedious on desktop to impossible on the phone. If you minimize the post you also minimize the comments on the post, so you must do the scroll-fest to get to the comment blog.


The only modification that I would make to the original suggestion is that the code should be collapsed to 3 lines by default with a 'See More' button to get the rest of the code snippet.