Add "Go back" navigation feature

Jeff Berman 6 years ago updated by Jon 6 years ago 2

Perhaps this goes against the Ryver UX philosophy, but I find myself constantly searching for a "Back" button that would return me to whichever view I was previously on.

The Ryver system lets you link between posts and forums, but provides no way to return. This forces you to have to navigate back to the original forum/post to continue on with what you were reading. It would be great to have this "Go back" functionality.


This is not against our philosophy! We are in the process of changing some things around architecturally so that we can support a back option within the client, and if you are running Ryver in your browser, could even use the browser back button.

Note that for links to posts, we DO in theory support your getting "back" to where you were, because we slide in the post and allow you to close it and still be in your chat room. The exception to that is if you have an in-progress message. In that case, the client will open the linked post in its own tab to "protect" any in-progress work. Though...I think we might be able to do something about that scenario as well.

In any browser app, having the "back" button do something sensible is Rule #1. It's the closest thing we've got to a universal UX paradigm. Many people are used to having a dedicated back button on their mouse, or a shortcut gesture, etc.. losing that interaction would be a continual irritation in any app you use often.

(and - because it seems to matter - Slack's web app works intuitively in this respect).