Some means of visually acclimating new users to Ryver

Jeff Berman 6 years ago updated by Felixvd 4 years ago 2

If it doesn't already exist, it would be nice to have a mechanism for quickly showing new Ryver users (web) how to use the system. I'm envisioning overlays that appear the first time a new user logs in to show them key features.

We have found in our group that many new users haven't discovered that the "Open Forums" link is clickable, as surprising as this sounds. As a result, their sidebar isn't populated with forums and they aren't even aware that discussions are taking place all around them.

It would be nice if overlays appeared when they first signed on (or perhaps every time they sign on until they enter a forum) encouraging them to click on the Open Forums list to enter the ones that appear interesting to them. Once they do this, perhaps another overlay could appear to point out how the forum is now in their sidebar and how it will change color when new content appears.


Thank you for this feedback. We have a few things in the works for this! We are within days of testing a new user onboarding flow where Eddy Bot greets the user, asks them to type a chat message, and then tells them about OPEN FORUMS, PRIVATE TEAMS and DMs.

In the first pass, there won't be overlays, but we'll try to keep the info short and clear. Perhaps with links they can click to take them to the Forums/Teams lists. We do plan to do a "phase 2" that introduces overlays for those very basic concepts.

We are also talking about having Eddy Bot wait 24 hours, then come back and introduce the user to the concept of "Posts".

I'm pretty sure I got overlays when I opened a team recently. Maybe this can be closed.