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Change defaults from CHATs to POSTs

Bill Gravelle 6 years ago updated by RyverMan 5 years ago 5
A suggestion from our community - default POST instead of CHAT. At least make it a community, or forum/team, or personal setting. We definitely want to encourage POSTs and it seems the default setting might be the best way.

This is getting to be a critical request for our community. One of the major reasons I chose Ryver over alternatives was the ability to have contextual conversations with the Post framework. This feature can greatly reduce the noise and increase the value of the information, especially over time, especially as new members join the community.

Unconstrained conversations in Chat messages are really only useful in immediate problem detection/resolution. Many of our members are used to that noisy interface from other tools. They eventually get frustrated and start tuning out Ryver when that happens here.

I believe this is all unnecessary - this problem substantially goes away when the starting points are Posts. I'm really hoping we can find a way (even an internal hack, set by EddyBot) to reoriented this problem so that Ryver can capitalize on it's natural advantages over other tools in the general solution space. Contextual conversations are incredibly valuable - Posts provide that ability - we need to be able to emphasize Posts over Chats. Please help.

Ok, we've finally gotten around to discussing this a bit more. I don't think we'll be defaulting to Posts (at least not yet), but it does make sense for this to be an Admin option.

Would you want the ability to completely disable the Chat option on a team by team basis? Or is defaulting to POSTS good enough?

YAY! I can't tell you how much this will help.

I don't think it will be necessary to disable the Chat option, clearly our community will benefit dramatically by allowing the Admin (me) to simply switch the defaults to the Post option. And, as previously mentioned, a simple interface through EddyBot would be perfect!

Any news on this?  To add even better functionality, I would like admin to be able to select/hide chat OR posts for any particular forum, obviously leaving both as the default. Should be quite simple to implement, simply hide one of the other unwanted tabs? This would give us the best of both worlds?