Under review

Support anonymous, read-only access

Bill Gravelle 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 1

Our group is migrating from several other services and is concerned about the loss of openness. In our case, we would support anyone from the general public to read any of the Open Forums (similar to Gitter chat).

This would be especially important if we were to post links from our Open Forums to a public site - currently, unless the reader has an account within our group, then that link is useless. We would like to have some switch setting (via Eddy Bot) that would enable this support.

Obviously, the anonymous reader would not be able to comment or make any modification; but at least this feature would help our transparency and ease some of members hesitance to move across to Ryver.

Under review

We really like this concept. A timeline for adding anonymous access support is a little fuzzy right now though. This does tie into another request, which is to support a "read only" user type. If we can get that implemented, it would pave the way for anonymous access in specified forums/teams.