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Integrate Private Team and Open Forum

Hans Bosma 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 1

As in Slack there is just one conversation group, namely Channel. Ryver has 'Open Forum' and 'Private Team'. Which does incline you for a team to start a 'private team'. But then again, it is better to have as much open communication as possible.

But anyway, why not integrate OpenForum and PrivateTeam into one group. As the only difference is whether the group is open or closed. It could be called 'Forum' for example.

Under review

Thank you for the feedback! We used to just have Teams, and you would create an Open Team or Private Team. People were getting confused by this choice they had to make when creating a team. At the time, Slack had them split into Channels and Private Groups. After much debate, and a split vote internally, we ended up splitting teams out into two separate things, introducing "Open Forums".

At this time, we intend to stay this way and not continue to waffle back and forth. Overall, we've had better response to them being split out. We have also seen an increase in customers who think Ryver would be a good replacement for traditional Forum software. We like that the current naming is helping grow that niche.