Greater Stability On Slower Connections

Oli Chance 6 years ago updated by Josh 6 years ago 2

I've been travelling for the last couple of weeks, which has given me the opportunity to test Ryver in a variety of connections at a variety of speeds.

Unfortunately, it performs very badly on anything less than around a 10Mb connection, and even then seems very prone to dropping out, constantly reconnecting, and leaving important messages with the dreaded Red Triangle of Did-Not-Send, leaving it functionally unusable on all but the most stable of connections.

As such, I've had to resort to Skype, Slack and other more stable messaging services, when I'd much rather be able to rely on Ryver throughout.

Would it be possible to look at improving stability on lower connection speeds? As ever, apologies if this has already been mentioned/has already been addressed, but I think this is a hugely important issue for those of us who aren't lucky enough to be on superfast connections all the time.


We have a couple of changes in progress, coming within a couple of weeks:

1. If there is a short drop in connection, we will try to reconnect behind the scenes a few times, rather than go right into the 3 second count down.

2. If you have a chat message in progress, we save a local draft every 10 seconds. If your view disconnects long enough to force a refresh, we'll restore your draft, rather than wipe out the message you were typing.

We seem to get a lot of drops in connection, so I would say better stability overall and stop dropping the connection while idle in the background.