Support for two-factor authentication.

Mxx 6 years ago updated by Stan Kardach 3 years ago 4 1 duplicate

I would like to secure my/my team's accounts with more than just username/password. Please add support for any number of various two-factor authentication solutions.

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I don't have a date yet for this effort. It likely won't come before end of Summer.

I'd also like to throw this in -- deeper integration with something like Authy would be awesome since the API is open and easy to use. It's easy to keep this free on the Ryver side as well if teams bring their own API key to use Authy's OneTouch or SMS code features.

Another thing that would be nice is U2F, since Yubikeys and other FIDO-compliant devices are becoming more popular, although cross-browser support is still somewhat lacking.

What is the status on this given that 2FA and U2F is kind-of standard now across the web?

Ryver starts to look dated in the security department...