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Post Streams: names of forum/team not updated

Charles 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 1

Try updating the name of a forum or team and check your post streams.

New names aren't updated in the list


1. Ryver wrote a post for "idea forum"

2. change idea to "new idea forum"

3. Check post streams -> new name not updated -> we should see Ryver wrote a post for "new idea forum" instead of "idea forum"

minor bug, but still a bug

Under review

At the moment, we save the name of the forum/team with the post and notification, for performance reasons. We had thought about going back and updating those when the name changes, but we thought perhaps it's good to see that information accurately reflecting that point in time. When the post was made, it really was in the "idea forum".

We'll revisit this, though.