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Allow multi-window interface which supports pop-outs for teams, chats, posts.

Stephanie Henyard 6 years ago updated by Ken Lenoir 5 years ago 10

Support a window pop-out feature for teams, forums, DMs, posts in the Desktop versions. For our users that are constantly going back and forth between teams, DMs, Posts they'd greatly prefer the ability to have separate windows for each area/team they're working on. The main Ryver window would remain the same, the pop-out would let users focus on that one area. Services I'm familiar with that do something similiar include Evernote, Mac Notes, and Mac Messages.


Every messenger service available has the option for individual windows for conversations. Yahoo, AIM, MSN, etc and it would eliminate the fact that it is EXTREMELY easy to click the wrong name or not look at the last person opened when sending messages. This is a must!

Under review

Would a "Back" button (and support for the browser back button when you're in the browser) help with this flow issue, or you would definitely like to have multiple windows open at once? Thanks!

Multiple windows open concurrently. In part our users got used to working that way with previous chat programs. It's also useful in a multiple screen situation when you're working on several things at once trying to keep up.

Multiple windows would be excellent. The current interface is pretty, but it's a multi-part tool that can't take advantage of multi-monitor setups.

A back button should probably be "in addition to" rather than "in lieu of." Being able to step back to your previous window would be a nice way to speed up a workflow.

Going to have to say individual windows for each chat would be the best solution. Going back or forward wont resolve the issue of clicking on the wrong name or replying to the wrong message. Didn't realize i have the same request :)

Thinking more on this, Posts really need to be in a separate space. Right now when I click on an existing post it expands within the Posts list, which is unreadable to me. I have to click a second time for the Post to slide out from the right in it's own space. The problem with this viewing method is that I can't see the team chat while the post is open - and if I close the post to go back to chat I lose what I'm working on.

If pop-outs won't work, could we at least change how opening an existing post works? I'd very strongly prefer if clicking on a post title opened the existing post to full view, and made it appear in my sidebar so I could go between the post and my team chat. I do this all the time when creating new posts. A preference to control this behavior might be for the best so people can choose, but I know I've lost entire meeting notes that I was typing into a post comment only to lose them when I thoughtlessly look at my team chat.

Any updates on this? I am unsure of the length of time a "review" takes. This is the one thing that keeps bringing me to look at alternative solutions because so many in the company here want it and complain on a weekly basis.

It is such a simple feature request with such a great impact of user expierence...

Guess i'll throw in another message in hopes of a response...

Hmm, I went through the "open" issues before I went on vacation last week, but I guess I missed this additional comment from last month. Sorry about that.

This feature will require some coordination between the desktop shell and the underlying web app. We do have a plan for how this will be supported, but haven't had a chance to schedule it in yet.

I think our ideas are very similar: "I would love Ryver to have a messenger/chat box like FB does. While I'm creating the tasks, I receive messages and I can't reply without exiting that current team/task window. It's inconvenient."