Under review

Don't give up trying to reconnect.

Isaac Eiland-Hall 6 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 4

After a number of tries, the browser gives up trying to reconnect. That probably makes sense, but instead of giving up, it should just wait longer and longer between tries. Maybe even as much as every 15 minutes between tries. But not totally give up.

"browser" = "web version" I mean. In the browser :)

Under review

We're discussing this one here at Ryver HQ, but I don't think we're quite ready to concede that the best course of action is to keep trying forever. Right now, we will try for several minutes, at which point, it seems very common in other services we use as well, to alert the user that something is wrong.

One reason is that the client at some point is going to have missed so much potential incoming content that it really needs to be completely refreshed/reloaded anyway.

One thing of note too is I noticed when I wake my computer up from sleep, ryver does not ever attempt to reconnect, forcing me to reconnect manually. Some periodic reconnect, with a notification of a new version and a reload being needed if necessary, would be nice.