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Icons next to team/forum name for new chats/posts/files/etc

Isaac Eiland-Hall 6 years ago updated by Jeff Berman 6 years ago 3

Right now, if you've left yourself in the chat tab for a team or forum, the name turns yellow if a new chat messages comes in.

It'd be nice if perhaps an icon (or emoji) were to appear before the name in the list - with different ones for new chat vs. new post vs. new file notification. It would greatly help finding where the new content is if you have a bunch of teams/forums.

/me crosses fingers :)

I signed up just to request this very feature. Currently if a new chat message occurs in a forum, the forum name turns yellow to indicate the new content. However, new comments in Posts don't update the forum name. Much of the content in our group takes place as post comments, so it's difficult to see when new content has arrived. And the Post Stream isn't a good solution for this.

Perhaps having clickable badges next to the forum names for direct access to new content is a good way to go.