Remove posts from chat

Charles 6 years ago updated by jeff 6 years ago 7

Why do posts display both in the chat tab and post tab? I see no reason except to make it confusing. Keep chats under the chat tab, posts under the post tab.


This feature was added after our Beta period when lots of people complained that they want to hang out in the chat view and see when there are new Posts. It is intended just as a friendly alert that somebody has just added a post in that team/forum.

We're going to make a couple of changes.

1. Make the message more subtle. The current is very "heavy" visually.

2. Provide an option to not have these messages auto-generated.

This will be great ... as it is currently, I was going to suggest an enhancement so people would know that that is additional, ongoing activity in the Post; however, with this upcoming change, that product idea would be unnecessary ...

In our Ryver community (ibmioss) we have a lot of chats that get promoted to posts and that is very confusing if you started a chat and it was promoted to a post by somebody else (you wonder "where'd it go?"). I then need to go to the posts tab and start looking. Instead it would be good if an existing chat could be marked as a post and that would start a form of indentation within the chat pane. This means the post tab would go away. This would also necessitate a "Filter" feature on the chat pane (maybe refactored to not be named chat, because posts would also be there) that would allow just posts to be displayed.

I don't want to derail this feature that's already planned. But I did want to convey that the current approach is not immediately intuitive (and even after understanding the feature I still get lost).


The option to not auto-generate a chat message for specific teams/forums should be coming in the next update. Note that this is completely independent of the above request for threaded chat.

It would also be nice if when you promoted a chat to a post - the chat messages that you include with the promotion to post are all removed from the chat stream. Example a user started a chat, a few others replied and I realized this topic would be better served as a post and I promoted the original chat and following stream, But they all stay intact in chat so when someone new sees it they just reply in-line in the chat stream and never go to the post.

I like the idea of having it inform you some how that a post was created or that a chat stream was promoted to a post, but then the promoted chats need to go away. Until then I will just start deleting the related chat once promoted to post.

It will be nice if we have the option for teams - forums that support only chat or only Posts


Marking this as completed since we do have the option now to not auto-generate the chat messages. Regarding the last couple of comments...

I'm not sure about auto-deleting chat messages following a promote. That could cause the chat stream to look odd, and not everybody would want that. However, perhaps that could be an option at the time you do the promote to post.

We're starting to get more requests to have an option to hide either Chat or Post on a per-team/forum basis. We will be looking into that, and some other options such as only allowing Team Admins to add posts.