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@team notifications

Charles 6 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 9

In private team/chat, i sent a message @team but got no notification by email. And yes, i'm part of the teammates.

Under review

Are you saying you would want to get a notification for your own message? Right now, that feature is a way for you to notify the rest of your teammates. I want to confirm that your other teammates did indeed get a notification. Thanks!

Not at all, im testing with 2 emails. Maybe because both accounts were online. I will test again. Thanks.

Yes, if the other users are online, they will get a notification in their NOTIFICATIONS tab of the @team "Announcement", but not an email or push notification.

Also, if you are testing multiple users in the same account, please make sure you use either separate browsers, or a browser and our Desktop/Mobile app. Logging two users into the same Ryver account in the same browser doesn't work.

Adding a question to this old thread.

Would there be a push notification on the private team section, in the near future?

a lot of my team mate are not checking their Ryver as frequent due to no notification. I don't see the point in writing to them individually


We are setting up our infrastructure now to support a user preference to get notifications of ALL chat messages in specified forums/teams. We still believe in some cases it would create way too much "noise" for users, especially in large organizations with a lot of chat messages, but we clearly need to allow the user to decide for themselves which forums/teams should be set to notify them of all activity.

We might even make ALL the new default for new users, then let them scale back the notifications if it starts becoming too much.