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Private Teams - Invite guests to a post

Charles 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

If you invite a guest to a private team, s/he can read all posts.

To solve that issue, add below field to invite guests to a post only.

Doesn't matter, i found a work around: create a new private team and add teammates each time. The only way to solve my issue.

Under review

Thanks Charles. this is an interesting request. We actually just had somebody else ask for something similar...the ability to add a member or guest to a specific Post in a Private Team, so that they could interact on that post, but not see anything else related to that team.

There are some security implications to that which would probably take a little figuring out on our part. As you brought up in your comment, our current model is based on the idea that if you are allowed to access a Team, you are allowed to access ALL of that team's content.

The reason i submitted another request to invite all teammates of a new private team by using @team

I really like ryver. You did a great job.