Under review

Sort teams and forums

Jimmy Miller 6 years ago updated by Chris Drake 5 years ago 6

Ability to drag and drop to change the order of your teams and forums in the sidebar

Under review

We have been discussing a refactoring of our nav bar that will facilitate grouping of teams/forums, and drag/drop support. In the mean time, we do have a few options for sort order under My Settings -> Preferences.

Sorting of forums and teams in the Prefs is fine for a default option. More efficient would be to have a switch button on each of the Forums, Teams, and Direct Messages headers.

What do you mean by this?

Working on various projects and various sub contractors.

Would really be handy to have a feature to group private teams and forums.


Really important feature here allowing you to prioritize what team / person from top to bottom.


<Bump> on the left nav bar sort options. Loving the heck out of Ryver and have many team and people in my company. We need to make sure the most important ones are at the top. In addition to sorting - being able to collapse the groups (Open Forums / Private Teams / Direct Messages).